O'Coileain's Bronze Turkey

ur turkeys were hatched out in May using two varieties - the American Bronze turkey and the Norfolk Black turkey. Our trukeys were reared from 6 weeks on a Free-Range system. Although more expensive to produce this way. we have found that there is a growing demand from people who appreciate this tender meat with its distinctive fuller flavour.

As a traditional turkey farm we have a great concern for the welfare of our turkeys. We are not a factory farm and no artificial short-cuts are taken ensuring you receive a genuine free range product.

We take great satisfaction from producting our turkeys in this way and we will continue to do so.

Christmas Offer

We have a wide range of special offers for your christmas dinner include Roster Turkey, Festive Ham. We also have two types of package offers they are Hamper Value and Family Hamper, those offers give you a great saving before and during christmas.

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